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  1. I just got off the phone with you and just wanted to say that it was a pleasure talking with you!
    You give off a nice friendly, knowledgeable and caring vibe.

    We lost our thirteen year old golden boy Samson this last May.
    We are now emotionally ready and actively looking for a new pup.
    If you’ll let us know when your next litter arrives my wife Ilonka and I would love to come up to Bedford and pick out a nice stocky boy pup to take home when he’s ready.
    Soo..please hold the feistiest most rambunctious stocky boy for us please.
    Best and thanks,
    Bill Orcutt & Ilonka Van Der Putten

  2. Hi Lisa ~ I am contacting you from Atlanta GA. My husband & I got a Golden Retriever from your mom at Goodtime Goldens over 12 years ago. She was a lovely 18 month old bitch who was discovered to have a heart condition, a dog show friend put us together with Kathy and our “Sunny Skies” (aka: Lively Knoll’s Firecracker @ Goodtimes) came home with us. I am trying to reach Kathy as we hope to begin our next Golden journey. Would you be able to put us together? I’m not finding an active Goodtimes Golden web-site down here. Thanks so much. Best to you.

  3. Hi Beth, Sorry for the late reply. I do not check so often. I am down in Atlanta now and my mom and I are breeding together. I am whelping a litter for my mom that will go home in July. If you are interested please give me a call at 914-471-7930

  4. How does one go about giving one of your amazing goldens a home? I’m sure you have a long wait list.

  5. Hello! We would love to inquire about your waitlist for a golden boy puppy.

  6. Please call me at 914-471-7930.
    You can learn about my process and reserve a puppy


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