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  1. I just got off the phone with you and just wanted to say that it was a pleasure talking with you!
    You give off a nice friendly, knowledgeable and caring vibe.

    We lost our thirteen year old golden boy Samson this last May.
    We are now emotionally ready and actively looking for a new pup.
    If you’ll let us know when your next litter arrives my wife Ilonka and I would love to come up to Bedford and pick out a nice stocky boy pup to take home when he’s ready.
    Soo..please hold the feistiest most rambunctious stocky boy for us please.
    Best and thanks,
    Bill Orcutt & Ilonka Van Der Putten

  2. Hi Lisa ~ I am contacting you from Atlanta GA. My husband & I got a Golden Retriever from your mom at Goodtime Goldens over 12 years ago. She was a lovely 18 month old bitch who was discovered to have a heart condition, a dog show friend put us together with Kathy and our “Sunny Skies” (aka: Lively Knoll’s Firecracker @ Goodtimes) came home with us. I am trying to reach Kathy as we hope to begin our next Golden journey. Would you be able to put us together? I’m not finding an active Goodtimes Golden web-site down here. Thanks so much. Best to you.

  3. Hi Beth, Sorry for the late reply. I do not check so often. I am down in Atlanta now and my mom and I are breeding together. I am whelping a litter for my mom that will go home in July. If you are interested please give me a call at 914-471-7930

  4. How does one go about giving one of your amazing goldens a home? I’m sure you have a long wait list.

  5. Hello! We would love to inquire about your waitlist for a golden boy puppy.

  6. Please call me at 914-471-7930.
    You can learn about my process and reserve a puppy


  7. Hello we are interested in a puppy. Can you please let us know if this is the best way to contact you.

  8. Thank you for reaching out. My next litter will go home in May. Please give me a call at 914-471-7930. Lisa

  9. Hi Lisa!
    We are looking for a new baby to join our family.
    I met two of your girls few days ago on upper East Side and I felt in love with them.
    Please let me know what is the best way to contact you .
    Thank you .

  10. Hi! Thank you for reaching out. Sorry for the delay I do not check this page as much as I should! My next litter will go home in March. Please give me a call at 914-471-7930.

  11. I am inquiring on your early spring puppy. How much is a male pet puppy?
    Thank you!

  12. My puppies are 4000, I have a male puppy available from my current spring litter that will go home April 24-28. Please call me at 914-471-7930 to learn more!

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